Dr Milovan Popović

Born in 1977. in Zurich, Switzerland.

An Elementary School and the Humanistic Secondary School ‘Slobodan Škerović’ he finished in Podgorica, and the studies at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University in Belgrade, in which he graduated in 2009. having won the vocation of Doctor of Stomatology.

After getting back to Podgorica he carried out the intership (residency), passed the licensing exam and joined the team of the Stomatological Dental’s Office ‘Dental Protection’.

Besides his every day contacts with the patients he simultaneously attends to business of the executive manager including the works in conection with the organization.

Since 2013. he has been engaged by the Pharmaceutical Company ‘KRKA’ on the behalf of theirs to conduct the affairs of the professional assistant of the medicines program and also to be applied as the responsible person for pharmacovigilance in Motenegro.

The specialistic training at the College of Pharmacy of the University in Belgrade he finished in 2016. after he had passed the specialistic exam having deserved the grade 10 and so having won the vocation of the Specialist of Pharmacy.

He has been still employed in the company ‘KRKA’ but he also has a significant role in doimg the business of the Dental Polyclinic ‘Dental Protection’.

He regularly attends lectures, congresses and dissections from the field of stomatology and pharmacy in our country and abroad as well and so in many of them he has taken an active part..

He speaks English.

His free time he spends with his family, during the summer on the coast, and winter time in skiing.He is a passionate devotee of Alfa Romeo cars and the member of the Society of Montenegro Alfists, who are very often the company he keeps especially at the meetings organized by themselves.

He is happily married father of two children.

Email: milovan.popovic@dentalprotection.me