Oral surgery is ocuppied with the surgical (medical) treatment of the tougher and softer tissues of the oral cavity, which cannot be solved by using of the conservative therapy.


Integral part of the

oral surgery

are  : the routine and the complicated tooth extraction , the removal of the residual tooth roots, the operations of the summit root, the removal of the growths made of bone, the operations of the cysts including the other changes on the jaw-bones and the soft tissues

Because of the nature of the operations by themselves have been above -mentioned the superior quality of training and the doctors’ dedication is necessary, all have been represented in the Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’.

We are making an effort in order to give You in detail the instructions into the principle and the manner of the surgery treatment, and so to explain the advantages of the surgery operations and do everyting possible to make your medical treatment time passes with as much as possible less unpleasantnesses and complications.

Special position in the sphere of the oral surgery takes


It is about the implantation of the special of the root compensations (IMPLANTS) made of titanium. Implants can significantly improve the function of the existing teeth or in full take over its function. The precondition of the implementation of the dental implats is applied to be the specialist medical examination has been performed at our Dental Clinic where our doctor will inform You about the possibilities and all other aspects of the implantation of the implant.


Orthop(a)edics of the jaws (Orthodontics) presents the branch of stomatology occupied with the diagnosis and the therapy of the maloclusis, that is to say of the irregular position of the teeth and the jaws as well.


Orthop(a)edics of the jaws


presents the branch of stomatology occupied with the diagnosis and the therapy of the maloclusis, that is to say of the irregular position of the teeth and the jaws as well.

Our intentions in the orthodontics are the achieving of the better function, stableness and the long duration of the attained results and the best possible aesthetic quality provided for the specific patient.

The orthodontic diagnosis requests the analysis of the patient in detail, including the making of the therapy plan and so the determining of the medical treatment method, which often reduces the time of the medical treatment by itself.

In the orthodontic medical treatment we have been applying the different types of the mobile and the fixed devices in order to improve the position of the natural teeth and the jaws using the gentle forces.

THE MOBILE ORTHODONTIC DEVICES are often applied to the patients with the mixed dentition.

They consist of an acrylic plates, the wire components and the different kinds of screws. They are made individually for each of the patients, depending on making of the positive diagnosis and the medical treatment plan.

They need a certain time provided for its wearing, which is often estimated at 14 to 16 hours per 24 hours, in order to achieve the desired effect.

For parents the most important

For parents the most important is to take their child to the orhodontist

to have their child examined in the periiod of the dentition of the permanent ‘number six teeth’ and when ‘the number one’ and ‘the number two’ teeth have been changed, that is to say in the stature of 7-9 years. At that period most of the orthodontic anomalies can be sanitized, or the degree of the anomaly observability can be considerably reduced, in order to make easier the next stage of the medical treatment.

THE FIXED ORTHODONTIC DEVICES are applied to the patients with the permanent dentition. There is no age for the final insallation of a fixed orthodontic device, whether it’s the goal of such therapy correct the positioning of permanent teeth, whether the orthodontic treatment is undertaken as the preprosthetic preparation.

The fixed orthodontic devices consist of the snaplocks ( which are fixed on the surface of the teeth ) and the arches tied with the rubber bands to the snaplocks.

At our Dental Clinic we have been performing the therapy with the classical fixed braces ( made of metal ), and with the aesthetic fixed braces as well.


Children’s stomatology is an integral part of the general stomatology that includes the children since the stature of the newborn (child) ( until 20 days of life ) to the 15th year of life. Children’s Stomatology is defined as the total stomatology applied to the children.


Children’s organism (body) is in the

intensive process of growth

and so for them the health of teeth is of the special importance, which enables them to chew normally, as the precondition of good nutrition and the growth of the organism (body). Preventive Stomatology is an integral part of the children’s stomatology occupied with the methods and the means in order to prevent the disease of the mouth and the teeth as well.
Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’ , which has been in the lead for more than 30 years by dr Novak Popović the medical specialist of the children’s and preventive stomatology, among the first activities has been developed children’s and preventive stomatology.
We recommend for the future mothers that already in the stages of pregnancy to visit our Dental Clinic where they will get the advice what is necessary to be undertaken in order to save the health of mouths and the teeth of children, including the importance of sanitization of the mouth and the teeth disease of the pregnant women, which is very important for the healthy pregnancy.

Already with the dentation of

the milk-teeth of a child

it is necessary to take him/her to meet the ambient and the personnel of the consulting room, where along with the medical examination parents will get a few pieces of advice how to keep up the hygiene of the mouths and the teeth, including the future regular observations. The unpardonable mistake of parents is to wait by themselves to notice the bad tooth and to take the child only after that to the stomatologist, or much more worse to wait until the child has pains in the tooth. These are reasons why a lot of children make a stand against going to the stomatologist. In our Dental Clinic at the department of children’s and preventive stomatology along (with) the professional and the experienced staff equiped with the most modern outfit, the best materials and verified methods the painlessly care of all mouths and teeth children’s diseases have been carried out, including the medical care of the fracture of the teeth.

Children’s prosthetics is also represented in our activities, in the proportion when it is provided (justified).


Periodontics is the branch of stomatology occupied with the medical treatment of the sickness of the supporting brace of the teeth (PERIODONTAL)


Periodontics is the branch of stomatology occupied with the medical treatment of the sickness of the

supporting brace of the teeth (PERIODONTAL)

The supporting brace of the teeth consists of the: gingiva (gums), alveolar bone, dental cement of the teeth and periodontal ligament. Periodontal disease are the sickness that covers all parts of the supporting brace of the teeth. They are among the most wide-spread falling ill of modern human being.

The initial form ( gingivitis ) has already been presented at the children’s stature even in the high percentage. It is caused by the bacteria located in the soft layers ( of a tooth plaque ) and the tough layers (tartar). If the appropriate precautionary measures are not undertaken in order to (full) cure, the inflammation is spread into the deeper tissues, destroying the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone, as a consequenc e of forming the periodontal pockets, which later as the consequence leads to the looseness and the loss of teeth. After the clinical examination and the analysis of X-ray a periodontist makes the therapy plan. The therapy depends on the form and the degree of the periodontal disease. It is carried out in a few stages. The first stage is the removal of the soft and the tough layers (plaques ) including the removal of the infected tissue from the teeth surface, followed by the polishing of all of the teeth surfaces.

In some cases it is necessary to

apply the surgical treatment.

Through the surgical treatment the deepness of the periodontal pocket is reduced, the bony substitutes are fit in including the materials that enable fast and better regeneration of the bones and the soft tissue as well.

The main method provided for the prevention of the periodontal disease is a good oral hygiene, regular medical examinations, including the regular removal of the soft plaques and the tartar, and so it is understood the improvement of the bad teeth.

Orthodontic and prosthetic care belong to the measures of prevention and medical treatment of periodontitis


Oral medicine is occupied with the medical treatment of disease of the soft oral tissues.
The following ones belong to it:

1. Diseases of lips, tongue, salivary glands and lymph glands.
2. Allergic reactions in mouths, aphthae and different viral and fungus diseases.
3. Changes in mouths as a result of different skin and blood diseases including glandular and vitamin imbalances.
4. Different benign tumors and malignancy in mouths.
5. Changes in mouths developed as a result of the specific diseases (syphilis, TBC)

Regular periodic(al) visits to our Dental Clinic enable You to discover on time of the above-mentioned diseases, which is a precondition of successful medical treatment.


Restored Stomatology is occupied with the repairing (restoration) of the teeth injured by dental caries.


The restoration of the teeth by

the fillings or the fills

is one of the most frequent stomatological medical treatments by means of which teeth cavities are filled, have been developed by the activities of the dental caries, including the physical lesions on the tooth caused by a lesion (injury). For the improvement of the teeth different kinds of materials are applied, which are supposed to provide bio compatibility, the long duration of the fillings and the high level of satisfaction of the aesthetic demands.

Apart from the fillings these materials can be used for some other

aesthetic purposes

n this way by using of them it is partly possible to change the size, the shape and the colours, and to fill the gaps between the teeth as well. Before the positioning of the fillings the tooth has to be cleaned up carefully and so has to be prepared according to the definite rules in order to provide the long duration of the filling already positioned.

Good hygiene and regular controls are the best fighting to prevent teeth decay.


Endodontics is occupied with the medical treatment of different forms of a tooth pulp infection.


Of the tooth pulp is located in the

inside of the crown

Of the tooth pulp is located in the inside of the crown and so of the root part of a tooth. It consists of the nerve fibers and blood vessels which basic function is the inervation and the teeth diet (nutrition). With the development of dental caries (dental defect) the of the tooth pulp is applied to be infected. The first step in endodontics is supposed to be the making of the diagnosis of the disease by itself, whereupon it is approaching to the implementation of endodontic medical treatment of the tooth. Having in mind different anatomic(al) variations, especially of the multiplerooted teeth, where sometimes we can find more than four roots at one tooth including four and more canals , which are often devious, consequently in order to achieve the high percentage of sucessfulness of the medical treatment, besides the theoretical knowledge and the being trained, the modern and the expensive equipment is necessary including the kit of the highest quality. This is one of the most requested forms of therapy

It is carried out in the cramped (up) and to the eye an invisible part of the teeth.

In full it is necessary to remove the pulp tissue( using of the manual and machine-made instruments ), then it is necessary to disinfect well cleaned canals, to dry and to fill with the artificial (man-made)

material, and in this way to prevent from the passing of the infection of any kind into the bone marrow about the teeth root. This procedure in the most difficult cases ( at the multiple-rooted teeth) tends to take time even more than two hours. After this procedure we will be able to save the teeth for years from the extraction as it did not use to be the case in the past.

The personnel of Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’ have been following the most modern achievements in this field, having the trained specialists along with the excellent equipment and the best materials we have managed to achieve the eviable success in the medical treatment including the most difficult cases.

For all that there is a recommendation to patients to apply the adequate hygiene and regular controls as the way of the prevention of these diseases.


Aesthetics as a science and as a philosophical discipline is getting more and more common in the stomatology under the notion aesthetics stomatology.


It realizes the deep connection between a

beautiful and healthy smile

with the self confidence and the personal satisfaction.The need of a human being to have healthy and nice teeth is completely understandable and it is the reason why Aesthetic Stomatology has been managing to achieve rapidly more and more followers.

Aesthetic Stomatology is able to correct nearly every problem linked to the aesthetics in order to make amends the missing tooth, to reduce or in full to close the gap between the teeth…

…to correct the eyesore

form and the disposition of the teeth,

to become white the teeth painted over, to change the fillings, which impair the appearance of the teeth, with the new ones of the high aesthetic fills, and so to transform the soft tissue of the gums.

Everything has been offered nowadays in the terms of the modern achievements in the dental protection professional work in the field of the aesthetics has been within Your reach in Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’.


Dental prosthetics is the branch of Stomatology occupied with the successive compensation of the missing teeth.

In recent time the technology in this field has achieved a big improvement in satisfaction of the high standards on the point of aesthetics and the functionality. Prosthetics compensations are divided into the fixed, the mobile and the combined ones.

In Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’ we have acquired proficiency in the most modern methods of the partial and the total toothlessness of the patients, icluding the implantology, which enables us to have higher and higher percentage of the fixed prosthetics compensations in the cases where in the past something like this did not use to be possible.


Radiology is the essential auxiliary diagnostical means, and so without it the modern stomatology cannot be imagined.

Dental Clinic ‘Dental Protection’ owns the digital devices of the newest generation provided for the dental imaging including the imaging in three dimensions (3D) where the exposing to the radiation is minimal, for the patients and for the personnel as well.

All of this enables us to set an accurite diagnosis, which is the precondition for the appropriate therapy plan and the successful medical treatment in all of the fields of Stomatology.

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